Hinterland Moriac Stage 1 Auction

Property buyers came from around the state, including local residents, for the Stage 1 auction of Hinterland Moriac in March 2017. The auction was held on site, with over 150 people attending and ready to secure their future.
There were multiple bidders on all allotments, and the spectators among them enjoyed lengthy back and forth bidding as though they were watching a local tennis match.
By the end of a long and exciting day, all available allotments for Stage 1 sold – with sales figures topping $3.457m as reported in the Weekly Times. The interest was extremely high in the build-up to this auction, particularly due to the central location, nearby amenities and tranquil surroundings.
Anxious buyers who missed out on Stage 1 allotments will be eagerly awaiting the release of Stage 2 – with details to follow in the coming months.


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